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Semi-finished Products

Semi-finished Products

Semi-finished Products

For the Analysis of Semi-Finished Products, SPECTROs Mobile & Stationary Arc/Spark, and X-Ray Fluorescence Instruments Are the Perfect Choice

Application Briefs and White Paper

Semi-finished products and components that are produced for further processing are subject to incoming and outgoing inspection. Many widely differing materials can be combined. The analytical flexibility available in the multi-base configurations makes the stationary metal analyzer an important partner for the documentation and storage of the measured products per work step and process. Depending on the analytical requirements, the SPECTROLAB, the SPECTROMAXx, and the SPECTROCHECK are ideal for this task.

The SPECTROTESTSPECTROPORT and SPECTRO xSORT mobile analyzers are designed especially for location-independent operation. The mobile metal analyzers are used on site in production processes for the analysis and identification of materials; thus assisting to ensure the proper composition and documentation of customer orders before delivery.

X-ray fluorescence analysis is excellently suited to the determination of coatings on aluminum and steel sheets. Depending on the application, the SPECTRO XEPOS, the SPECTROSCOUT or the SPECTRO MIDEX can be used. In addition to the analysis of coatings, the concentrations of coating baths are also monitored with XRF.