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Crude Oil Analysis

Crude Oil

Crude Oil Analysis

For Crude Oil Analysis and Trace Element Analysis of Crude Oil, SPECTRO Offers a Full Range of XRF and ICP-OES Instruments

Application Briefs and White Paper

For proper crude oil analysis, knowledge of element concentrations is critical to determining the value of the crude oil because even trace elements can influence the refining process.

Typical crude oil analysis includes the determination of sulphur, nickel, vanadium and iron content. This analysis can be done easily with SPECTRO's XRF instruments. Little sample preparation is required and the results are available very quickly.

However, trace element analysis of crude oil, determining trace elements at even lower levels, is very important because some of the trace elements can be harmful to the catalysts used during refining. Their presence, for example could lead to increased emissions in the refining process. If crude oil analysis in your lab requires trace element analysis at very low concentrations, SPECTRO ICP-OES instruments are the right tools for you.