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SPECTRO Offers Efficient Solutions for Advanced Analyses in the Polymers Industry

Application Briefs and White Paper

Plastics can be found in all areas of our lives: packaging, handles, and fittings in automobiles and especially in the electrical, electronics and toy industries. The properties of plastics are widely varying, from extremely stiff to extremely flexible – everything is possible, and that in all thinkable colors.

X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF) has established itself as a fast analytical method for the accurate elemental analysis and the screening of completely unknown samples. The advantages include speed of analysis as well as few requirements for sample preparation. In addition to process control, XRF instruments are well suited to the rapid screening of samples to monitor regulated substances.

ICP-OES spectrometers like the SPECTRO ARCOS, the SPECTROGREEN, and the SPECTRO GENESIS are frequently employed for elemental analysis in polymers. The advantage of this technology is that, due to the high detection sensitivity, even after fusion and dilution, trace contents in the ppb range can be analyzed. Additionally, ICP spectrometers are easy to automate, which enables high sample throughput.