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For the Automotive Industry, SPECTRO Offers a Complete Range of ICP-OES, XRF and (Mobile & Stationary) Arc/Spark Analyzers

Application Briefs and White Paper

The automotive industry expects seamless documentation of the parts and components used. From the first melt to the installed sheet metal, screw, etc., the individual production steps must be traceable. The SPECTROLAB S and SPECTROMAXx stationary metal analyzers can be found at all relevant points in this chain for the verification, assurance, and documentation of each process.

In addition to ensuring the use of suitable metal grades and excluding material mix-ups, the SPECTROTESTSPECTROPORT and SPECTRO xSORT mobile metal analyzers are used in the automotive supply industry to ensure heat fidelity in the production of, e.g., metal sheets.

With the variety of possible applications and the ability to analyze trace elements, as well as main components, ICP-OES spectrometers like the SPECTRO ARCOS, the SPECTROGREEN or the SPECTRO GENESIS are excellently suited for all non-routine tasks or the analysis of small parts, which can only be analyzed with difficulty or not at all using other techniques. ICP-OES is also a standard analytical method for the analysis of fuels, lubricants, wear metals in used oil or other liquid operating materials as well as for the analysis of industrial waste water.

X-ray fluorescence analysis is excellently suited to the determination of coatings on aluminum and steel sheets. Depending on the application, the SPECTRO XEPOS, the SPECTROSCOUT or the SPECTRO MIDEX are employed here. In addition to the analysis of coatings, the concentration of coating baths can be monitored with XRF. XRF is also well suited to the analysis of lubricants and fuels.