Analysis of Plastics

Application Brief

Elemental Analysis of Plastics Using ED-XRF According to the RoHS Directive

The RoHS directive (Restriction on Hazardous Substances) sets certain limits to the use of elements like cadmium, lead, mercury and hexavalent chromium in electronic and electrical products. Thus, producers need to make sure that all product components do not exceed these limits. 

The fast, non-destructive analysis without expensive sample preparation and with a small measurement point is the standard application of the SPECTRO MIDEX ED-XRF analyzer. For use according to the RoHS Directive, the system typically works with a measurement spot of 4 mm diameter on the sample. But the instrument can also use a smaller spot size down to 0.2 mm. 

This application report outlines that all important elements in various matrices can be analyzed by the SPECTRO MIDEX according to the requirements of the RoHS directive. In combination with simple sample preparation, the SPECTRO MIDEX offers an easy-to-operate, robust analysis system for this kind of application.

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