High Alumina Analysis

Application Brief

Analysis of High Alumina, Alumino-Silicate, and Other Silicate Refractories Prepared as Fused Beads

For the analysis of refractories, X-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology is a widely accepted technology, and the analysis procedure is outlined in several standards like EN ISO 12677. 

This application report outlines the capabilities of the SPECTROCUBE for the simultaneous analysis of different samples in high alumina, alumino-silicate, and other silicate refractories prepared as fused beads. It shows that this ED-XRF analyzer provides good accuracy, low values for RMS errors and high correlation coefficients for this kind of application.

The SPECTROCUBE can be offered as a package of:

• Instrument
• Fusion technique
• Calibration samples
• Validation samples
• Consumables
• Installation
• Calibration

Learn more in this informative application report.