Analysis of Animal Feed

Application Brief

Analysis of Animal Feed by ICP-OES With Dual Side-On Plasma Observation

Animal feed is the basis for meat production and thus key element of the human food chain. Safe food is necessary for healthy livestock animals as well as for pets.

Raw materials such as proteinrich soybean or rapeseed meal are used to produce compound feed which is adapted to the needs of different species and their varying life stages or the specific requirements for example in animal fattening, dairy farming or even for the use of animals in sports.

To ensure the quality of animal feed, several regulations are in place to control the supply chain of those products. Regulations such as the European directive 2002/32/EC on undesirable substances in animal feed or the US FDA CFR 21.I.E 500-599 cover the aspects of additives in feed, labeling as well as standards for sampling and analysis.

This report describes the principal methodology for the analysis of soybean meal and a poultry feed using ICP-OES. Reference materials as examples for raw material and compound feed products were analyzed. Typical detection limits and the performance achieved with the SPECTROGREEN ICP-OES with dual side-on interface are demonstrated.

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