Analyzing Solder Bath Contamination in Electronics Manufacturing

Application Brief

Analyzing Solder Bath Contamination in Electronics Manufacturing

In manufacturing printed circuit boards and other electronic components, flow solder can often become contaminated by metallic particles. The resulting component defects make analyzing solder baths a matter of concern for quality managers and facility managers in electronics manufacturing facilities worldwide.

These defects may also become of great concern to the customers who purchase from these manufacturers — receiving their boards and other electronics components, and building them into their own products. This includes automotive, aerospace, and consumer electronics manufacturers.

Currently, most electronics manufacturers rely on sending solder bath samples out for analysis to contract laboratories. However, the latest industry-wide testing implies serious difficulties with this practice.

This paper briefly outlines current approaches and recent disturbing results. It then presents a technological solution — specifically applied for solder bath analysis — that can detect contamination at the production line. The aim: to help avoid serious liability issues and other consequences along the downstream supply chain.