Analysis of Plant Materials

Application Brief

Analysis of Plant Materials Using ETV-ICP-OES With Axial Plasma Observation

Plant material analysis is performed to determine the essential nutritional elements and their content to monitor plant growth or diagnose deficiencies, determine fertilization requirements, and provide recommendations for crop management.

ETV-ICP-OES with the SPECTRO ARCOS EOP offers a fast, simple, and reliable way for elemental analyzes. This application report demonstrates for the analysis of plant materials that limits of detection in the µg/kg range, similar to ICP-MS are achievable. Simultaneously also the major elements can be determined. Excellent accuracies can be obtained by the analysis of standard reference material NIST 1547.

Since ETV-ICP-OES requires no digestion of the sample prior to the analysis, errors can be greatly reduced, and time can be saved. Using the unit’s autosampler the technique can easily be automated and is thus suitable also for higher sample throughput.

Learn more in this informative application report.