Analysis of Waste Water by ICP-OES with Dual Side-On Plasma Observation

Application Brief

Analysis of Environmental Samples Following the CLP ILM 05.3 Protocol by ICP-OES with Dual-Side-On Plasma Observation

To monitor pollution and protect the environment, the US EPA has been given the authority to develop standardized analytical methods for the measurement of pollutants in environmental samples.

The contract laboratory program CLP ILM 05.3 provides the methods to be used, specific reporting and contractual requirements, quality assurance, quality control and standard operating procedures. Participating laboratories must demonstrate the ability to meet the quality objectives prior to analyzing samples, e.g. document the methods used and determine MDLs. Analytical data from the QC are used to estimate and evaluate analytical results and to determine the necessity for, or the effect of corrective action procedures.

The aim of this application report is to demonstrate that the SPECTROGREEN ICP-OES has all the analytical capabilities to perform analyses within the guidelines of the above-mentioned program.