Ethanol Fuel

Application Brief

Analysis of Ethanol Fuel by ICP-OES With Dual-Side-on Plasma Observation

Bioethanol is one of the world’s most important biofuels that is blended with gasoline. It belongs to the renewable energy sources and is obtained by fermentation of agricultural feedstock. Basically, plants containing sugar, starch and cellulose are suitable. In the US and the EU, corn is mainly used as the raw material, Brazil uses mostly sugar cane.

The application of the analysis of ethanol as a blending component for petrol is described in the European standard EN 15837 as well as in the standard test methods ASTM D4806 and ASTM D5798. This paper describes the principle methodology for the analysis of ethanol. It presents typical detection limits as well as studies on precision and accuracy. The SPECTROGREEN can easily handle the challenging matrix and provides low detection limits as well as good precision.

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