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Product Bulletin

Boron Steels – When High Wear Resistance is Required

Alloys must be accurately sorted, identified, and verified to meet the chemical composition specified by a customer or an industry. As an example, for organizations performing metal producing or processing, an alloy mixup at the shipping dock or on the factory floor risks an expensive, inconvenient batch rework — or a catastrophic lost contract.

There are different industries and applications requiring boron-alloyed heat-treatable steels. The strength properties of the boron-alloyed steels are - in addition to the carbon and manganese - achieved by the low proportion of boron.

The boron content must be checked to ensure, for instance, that the correct alloy has been processed for a product and thus the ordered product specification can be shipped. Fortunately, such a check can be easily, accurately, and affordably accomplished using advanced solutions from SPECTRO Analytical Instruments: either the flagship SPECROTEST mobile metal analyzer, or the more portable SPECTROPORT metal analyzer.

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