Case Study Maoming Weite

Case Study

Maoming Weite Trusts SPECTROTEST to Accurately Analyze Metals On-Site

Based in Guangdong, Maoming Weite Testing Technology is among the largest third-party industrial testing firms in South China. The company’s 150 employees inspect and test equipment and metal tubing for numerous petrochemical and chemical plants.

A mobile metal analyzer is essential for this work, and Maoming Weite’s first such instrument dates from 2003. However, as the firm’s business increased, by 2012 it became obvious that this legacy model no longer matched the capabilities required for on-site measurement of large volumes of tubing, valves, and flanges. A main drawback: its inability to measure carbon (C), phosphorus (P), and sulfur (S) in steel. In addition, the instrument’s limited speed and productivity prevented the company from completing some projects in a timely manner.

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