Case Study SMT

Case Study

S.M.T. Analyzes Large Metal Samples On-Site Using SPECTROTEST

S.M.T. S.r.l., located close to Milan, Italy, is an independent laboratory with around 40 employees that conducts chemical analyses for their clients on metal specimens, mostly steel and nickel alloys. In the past, spectrometric analyses were done within the S.M.T. lab using the SPECTROLAB stationary metal analyzer. But for very large samples this wasn´t practical. So, it became more and more clear that they need to invest in a mobile metal analyzer that could be used directly at the clients’ site.

With the SPECTROTEST mobile metal analyzer, S.M.T. can now easily fulfill the testing demands of their clients — on-site. For example, they conduct complete analyses on tanks with many longitudinal and circumpherential welds at the client’s site — or do tests to distinguish many different materials in their clients’ storage facilities.

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