Case Study Voestalpine

Case Study

SPECTROLAB S: Revolutionary Results for Steel Analysis at Voestalpine Stahl

Voestalpine Stahl is one of Europe’s largest metals manufacturers. Its facilities in Linz, Austria, turn out immense quantities of high-grade steels — to exacting specifications. Meeting those specifications precisely demands high-grade analysis as well.

Senior Technical Expert Dr. Andreas Pissenberger and his colleagues at the plant’s process laboratory evaluate 400,000 samples a year, primarily via automated spectrometric analysis of incoming, in-production, and outgoing materials, plus new-material research. Dr. Pissenberger conducts extensive evaluations of new analyzers and technologies as well. For good reason: “One melt costs 50,000 euros. We make 100 melts per day. If we can improve our laboratory results, we can improve the process in the steel plant. That can quickly save millions of euros.”

However, improving spectrometric metals analysis has faced various roadblocks. One significant example: reliance on PMTs.

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