Advanced ED-XRF Spectroscopy Accelerates Downhole Characterization

Application Brief

Advanced ED-XRF Spectroscopy Accelerates Downhole Characterization

Accurate characterization of downhole well properties can yield tremendous benefits in assessing well quality, predicting content, geosteering and much else. With astonishing improvements in portable energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (ED-XRF), petroleum geology engineers are now relying on this technology to rapidly characterize important samples in remote areas with minimal preparation and very high accuracy of analysis.

ED-XRF instruments utilizing this technique have excellent analytical range and precision and low limits of detection. They can provide quick lab-quality analysis on a variety of geological matrices with a single calibration. These new instruments are providing crucial information on potential wells helping engineers to characterize a basin and determine optimal conditions for pumping.

This paper offers three examples of how advanced ED-XRF is being used at the well site.

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