Introducing New SPECTROSCOUT

On-Demand Webinar

Introducing New SPECTROSCOUT

Lab-quality elemental analysis right at the point of production

Production operations today require dependable accuracy and sensitivity at all detection levels from high-percentage concentrations to trace elements. Having this data at the production line helps reduce batch losses and rework.

Many organizations maintain high power instruments in their laboratories to determine elemental composition but these instruments are not designed for plant floor use and the time required for QC sample transport, prep, and processing can severely impact production schedules.

Fortunately there’s a rugged, laboratory-class solution designed to provide rapid, reliable results — right at the line.

Learn how others are benefitting from at-line analysis

Join SPECTRO product manager, Dirk Wissmann for a thorough overview of SPECTROSCOUT’s unique features and capabilities and then see examples of its performance in the field.

Who should attend?

If you work in operations or quality control for chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods, feedstocks, metal coatings — don’t wait, watch now.

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