Improved Laboratory Profitability Via Next-Gen Instrumentation

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Future-Proof Solutions for Elemental Compliance Screening Using XRF

Regulations restricting the use of hazardous substances in manufacturing are proliferating worldwide. Their aim: reducing the health and environmental impacts of certain harmful materials in consumer goods and other products. Different standards apply in different countries, affecting products from electrical and electronic components to toys, food contact material, and others.

Additional challenges include the detection of non-intentionally added substances (NIAS) and the need to test for critical raw materials (CRMs) for example in electronics.

Fortunately, analytical technology has kept pace with regulatory demands. Analyzers employing X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometry have evolved excellent capabilities for rapid screening.

This on-demand webinar gives an update on the requirements and shows the potential of modern XRF instrumentation.

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