Five reasons for upgrading to a next-generation ED-XRF analyzer

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Five Reasons for Upgrading to a Next-Generation ED-XRF Analyzer

ED-XRF instruments have made amazing strides in recent years. Quantum leaps in several technologies are making users rethink what’s possible with a modern analyzer. Enhancements include quantitative analysis functionality; wider analytical scope for more elements and lower concentration levels; higher sample throughput; lower cost of ownership; and greater ease of use.

This quantum leap has users rethinking what’s possible with a modern ED-XRF instrument. For many applications, it matches or surpasses the performance of a more expensive wavelengthdispersive X-ray fluorescence (WD-XRF) analyzer.

This paper may be of particular interest to laboratory and quality control (QC) managers. It highlights five main reasons why upgrading to next-generation ED-XRF analyzers may be their right choice to optimize performance, efficiency, and affordability.

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