Crude Oil Analysis

Application Brief

Analysis of Crude Oil Using ED-XRF

ED-XRF has been used for the analysis of crude oil and petroleum products for a long time. In many cases the focus is on the analysis of the S content. The technique is described in various test methods. Additionally, elements like Fe, Ni, and V can be monitored as well. Recently the content of nickel and vanadium has come under focus even more. To ensure that quality parameters for light sweet crude oil meet the oil industry standards, several new specifications have been introduced. These list for example values for several parameters, including maximum concentrations for three elements, which this report focuses on:
  • A sulfur content ≤ 0.42 % by weight 
  • ≤ 8 parts per million (ppm) and 15 ppm or less by mass for nickel and vanadium, respectively 
One suitable method for the determination of these elements in low concentrations in light sweet crude oil is XRF. This study was conducted to validate an XRF method draft for the analysis of low levels of nickel and vanadium in sulfur containing crude oil. The application was tested with the SPECTRO XEPOS C.

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