Elemental Analysis of Airborne Particles Using ED-XRF

Application Brief

Application Brief: Elemental Analysis of Airborne Particles Using ED-XRF

Analysis of elements deposited from airborne aerosols onto air filters is an important application of spectrometric instruments. In addition to other components of deposited aerosols, users generally focus particular attention on heavy metals. The identity and concentration levels of metals are of obvious concern for ecological and toxicological reasons. Precise information can frequently help trace them back to their sources.

ED-XRF analyzers are often utilized for this work. Their stability, ease of use, nondestructive sampling, and quick analyses are some of their major advantages.

For this analytical report, the SPECTRO XEPOS HE demonstrated a fast, precise, accurate, and economic solution for analysis of air filter samples. Calibration based on artificially created, well-characterized filter samples showed very good correlation for a wide range of elements with very low LODs reported for most elements tested.

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