SPECTRO XEPOS ED-XRF Technology: A Quantum Leap

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SPECTRO XEPOS ED-XRF Technology: A Quantum Leap

Compared to previous models, this latest generation of SPECTRO XEPOS analyzers dramatically improves sensitivity — often by 10× or even more. This exceptional sensitivity contributes to boosting precision and helps realize significantly lower detection levels for accurate analysis of elements from sodium to uranium. And with its excellent long-term stability, XEPOS leverages its amazing sensitivity to realize an exceptionally high degree of precision in elemental analysis — up to 3× better than before.

This quantum leap in performance is derived from numerous innovations that includes — adaptive excitation, new tube and detector technologies and a powerful next generation of analytical software.

Get an insider overview of these evolutionary developments in ED-XRF technology. Learn the benefits to users and why for many applications the new SPECTRO XEPOS is now able to challenge the performance of WD-XRF.

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