SPECTRO offers a helpful set of ICP spectrometer accessories

This is a short list of the ICP-OES accessories that support SPECTRO’S full line of ICP spectrometers:

  • HTA 1100l/1200l Autosampler
  • ASX-280 Autosampler
  • ASX-560 Autosampler
  • XLR860 Autosampler
  • SDXHPLD High Performance Liquid Dilution
  • OILS 7400/7600 Autosampler

And many more are available!

ICP-OES (ICP-AES) Sample Introduction Systems

The modular mounted sample introduction systems enable easy access and offer the possibility to customize components for specific applications. Some of the selections include; concentric glass nebulizers cross flow nebulizers, ML nebulizers and parallel path PTFE nebulizers. Spray chambers include; Scott type glass and HF resistant chambers, water jacketed cooled / peltier cooled spray chambers for volatile organics, cyclonic spray chambers and others. Additional systems are available upon request.