For optical emission spectroscopy, SPECTRO SMART ANALYZER VISION software is the ultimate in flexibility and functionality

SPECTRO SMART ANALYZER VISION software for SPECTRO ICP-OES spectrometers is an easy-to-use interface that provides straightforward, intuitive access to all functions. Users experience simple “one-click” operation for routine optical emission spectroscopy functions. And customizable views enable even the non-expert to take full advantage of the unique analytical capabilities of each ICP instrument.

Software functions are divided into categories and linked through a central navigation panel. The user is presented with a clearly designed, self explanatory screen. Switching between the categories just requires a click of the mouse and only relevant functions are visible. Components that are not required can be deactivated with the integrated user manager. The screen presented to the user is always clear and self-explanatory.

Intuitive, intelligent, and powerful – SPECTRO SMART ANALYZER VISION software is a key catalyst for productivity in optical emission spectroscopy.