For optical emission spectroscopy, SPECTRO ICP Analyzer Pro software is the ultimate in flexibility and functionality


    The new SPECTRO ICP Analyzer Pro software package for the latest SPECTRO ARCOS and SPECTROGREEN analyzers delivers a greatly improved and more intuitive experience plus unequaled ease and speed for the rapid retrieval and processing of results with total traceability.

    Features of the new SPECTRO ICP Analyzer Pro software include the following.

    • Natural, streamlined workflows are backed by ultra-fast data processing. Recalculations, even of large amounts of data, are up to 1500 times faster.
    • Modules and plug-ins are customizable to each user’s skills and needs. Displays show only essential information and mouse movements are minimized. The look and feel, based on the familiar “Material Design” interface, dramatically eases usability for inexperienced operators. The software’s increased speed when processing large amounts of data directly benefits laboratories with high sample throughput.
    • The software management system, compatible with FDA requirements, determines rights and restrictions for each user, provides complete traceability, and delivers solid security. A simple, yet powerful, traceability function stores all versions of a result, including reference to the method and method version used for the calculation. All changes, plus user identification and timestamps, are logged as clear text for potential audit trail use. 

    The new SPECTRO ICP Analyzer Pro software package is available for the latest models of SPECTRO’s industry-leading SPECTROGREEN and SPECTRO ARCOS model FHX 22 ICP-OES analyzers.

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