SPECTRO iSORT – The hand-held metal analyzer for fast, easy determination of metal alloys


    • Differentiation of low alloy steels by its Carbon level from 0.1% in arc mode possible – only 7s, no argon, no x-rays
    • Unique iCAL one sample standardization – saves on average 30 minutes per day
    • Effortless point-and-shoot analysis, battery powered operation – several hundred measurements on a single charge

    The hand-held metal analyzer SPECTRO iSORT is battery-powered, for fast, easy on-site identification and analysis of all common metal alloys. It uses an efficient arc excitation and requires neither argon nor a radioactive source.

    The new hand-held metal analyzer can conduct several hundred measurements utilizing the instrument’s integrated rechargeable battery. The SPECTRO iSORT metal analyzer can be used for material testing in production, component identification in chemical and petrochemical plants, material failure analysis, weld seam analysis, and the rapid determination of metal alloys when buying, selling or blending scrap metal.

    The SPECTRO iSORT metal analyzer performs a ‘fingerprinting’ procedure to independently recognize the sample material. The optimal instrument settings for the material are then automatically used for the analysis without manual operator intervention.

    The iCAL software logic on this hand-held metal analyzer saves time by controlling instrument status independently from external influences and eliminating the need for lengthy recalibrations for changes in location and temperature.


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