SPECTROCHECK – The highest performance and dependability at the lowest possible price


    • Ideal for metal testing and quality control of iron-, aluminum- and copper-based samples; as well as dedicated solder bath analysis
    • Ultra-fast one sample standardization – based on SPECTRO´s Intelligent Calibration Logic (iCAL) – saves on average 30 minutes per day
    • Industry unique app-like concept for user-friendly software operation
    The SPECTROCHECK stationary metal analyzer is specifically designed to meet the performance requirements — and the budgets — of small and medium-size foundries and machining operations. This high-quality, compact, affordable instrument is ideal for routine analysis of elemental content in iron-, aluminum-, and copper-based metals. 

    Companies using SPECTROCHECK can assure their customers that their metals have been reliably tested to meet the most rigorous specifications for content and quality.
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