Analysis of Small Parts

Application Brief

Analyzing Small Parts, Wires and Thin Sheet Metal Using a Stationary Metal Analyzer

Analyzing small metal samples with a stationary metal analyzer can present a real challenge. Sometimes it is necessary to analyze metal parts that are too small to cover the opening of the spark stand. Covering the opening is important because the area below the sample is purged with argon gas to improve the quality of the analyses.

With the help of different spark stand plates it is possible to measure such small parts. The standard plate has an opening of 13 mm and with special adapters it is possible to analyze small parts. A special spark stand plate, equipped with an Al² O³ disk to reduce the diameter of the opening to 6 mm, in combination with an adapter for wires, allows measurements on wires with a diameter down to 1 mm.

Learn more about the analysis of small metal parts using a stationary metal analyzer in this informative application report.