Why Flame AAS Users Are Moving Up to ICP-OES

White Paper

A New Approach to ICP-OES Analysis for Environmental Testing

Recent innovations have created a versatile new type of spectrometer that can simplify environmental laboratories’ analyzer choices.

It employs dual side-on interface (DSOI) technology. Two optical interfaces capture emitted light from both sides of the instrument’s plasma, using only a single extra reflection.

When you compare SPECTRO Analytical Instruments’ new SPECTROGREEN analyzer, which uses DSOI, against a system using a conventional radial plasma view — DSOI technology yields 2x the sensitivity, plus many other advantages.

Even when you compare it to newer vertical-torch dual-view models — DSOI matches their sensitivity, avoids their high levels of contamination and thermal stress, stays free of matrix effects, delivers high levels of stability and matrix tolerance, and provides excellent linear dynamic range.

The results should be of interest to numerous environmental testing operations. That includes contract laboratories, research institutes, municipal/government authorities, and academic research centers.

Download this informative paper. You’ll learn what problems DSOI solves for analyzing both soils and sludges, as well as waters and wastewaters. And see how SPECTROGREEN can improve results in your lab.

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