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Counterfeit Parts

We are advising SPECTRO customers of the risks of becoming the victims of the practices of unscrupulous companies that are marketing fake components and spare parts targeted for use in SPECTRO instruments.

As we all know, the use of fake components and parts can severely impact the highly-complex technology and operation of SPECTRO instruments — as well as affect and place into question the accuracy and reliability of analysis results.

Fake components and spare parts — lacking the advanced design, high-end materials, and controlled, complex manufacturing processes that are required to craft the genuine articles — are hazardous on many levels. Here are just a few examples:
  • The inferior materials found in fake plastic argon supply tubing, while claiming acceptable specifications, cause abnormalities in the excitation spot and affect measurement results in our arc/spark spectrometers.
  • The inability of fake argon purifying cartridges to achieve the required purification effects and rates directly impacts analysis results. The pollutants left behind by the failed process can severely contaminate optical surfaces and damage the instruments.
  • Fake lenses made with inferior materials and processing deviations that cannot be distinguished by the naked eye negatively impact instrument performance.

We are actively pursuing the end of the proliferation of fake components spare parts and the adverse risks they present to instrumentation, performance, and analysis. For our customers, safe business practices include:

  • Purchasing original genuine SPECTRO components and parts directly from SPECTRO or our authorized representatives – see SPECTRO Worldwide.
  • Inspecting components and parts purchased from other agents for the official SPECTRO laser anti-counterfeit labels that are present on original genuine SPECTRO components and parts.
  • Contacting SPECTRO about any and all suspect components or parts for assistance with questions and verification.