Customer Support Center

We are there for you and your SPECTROmeter whenever you need us

The SPECTRO Customer Support Center (CSC) is available around the clock and in more than 50 countries to service and support the more than 40,000 installed SPECTROmeters. The central office is located at the SPECTRO headquarters in Kleve, Germany. The information necessary to support the worldwide activities flows from this competence center.

At SPECTRO, outstanding service is an integral part of outstanding spectrometers. With an extensive range of after sales services, the SPECTRO CSC helps you take advantage of your SPECTROmeter and improve the quality of your analyses.

We are there for you and your SPECTROmeter whenever you need us:

How serious SPECTRO is when it comes to the support of each single customer is proven each and every day in the SPECTRO CSC. Short distances and close team work between all the experts from all the necessary fields, working together under one roof, ensures the rapid investigation and solution of any of your SPECTROmeter problems. This capability is continuously improved by intensive ongoing employee training and development. SPECTRO invests substantially more than average in the ongoing training of the staff in the SPECTRO CSC.