Service Contracts

To preserve the long-term value of your instrument and ensure optimum results, regularly scheduled maintenance is the best insurance possible.

Many quality control programs require regularly scheduled maintenance and instrument inspections. We can assist you with a custom tailored service and support contract that meets your specific requirements. This will ensure:

  • The fulfillment of all Quality demands on time and with fixed costs
  • Reliable and accurate Analyses
  • Maximum Instrument up-time

Full Service Contract

An extension of the warranty period and more. Leave the responsibility for the instruments unobjectionable state of operation in our hands. The system will be serviced regularly; cleaning, maintenance and any necessary repair work will be performed by the SPECTRO CSC automatically at the pre-arranged dates.

Maintenance Contract

The maintenance contract includes maintenance and the work necessary for cleaning and inspection of your SPECTROmeter according to DIN ISO 9000ff. Depending on your requirements, this can be carried out once, twice or even four times a year and all costs for transportation, food, lodging and working hours are included.

Remote Control

The new service allows you to let all necessary TQM steps be carried out by us. In pre-defined intervals you will receive a statement from us regarding the analytical performance of your system. Or we go if you wish in visual contact to your system by using WEBCAM. With this new technology it is possible to have a specialist in the CSC view for example the spray chamber of your SPECTRO ICP or other instrument areas which otherwise would not be possible without on-site service.