SPECTRO is one of the worldwide leading suppliers of analytical instruments, employing optical emission (stationary and mobile Arc/Spark OES, ICP-OES) and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF) technology, used for the elemental analysis of materials in industry, research and academia. SPECTRO is a member of the AMETEK Materials Analysis Division. 

Information about MC-ICP-MS, HR-ICP-MS, GD-MS, IRMS, TIMS and Noble Gas technology can be found at our AMETEK sister company Nu Instruments.



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October 21 "The Search for the Single ICP-OES for Environmental Testing"
October 25 "Using X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry for Compliance Screening & Quality Control of Multilayer Structures in the Electronics Industry"
October 28 "Plant Tissue Analysis: Elemental Composition from Screening to Traces with XRF and ETV-ICP-OES"
The webinars will be live-streamed on www.spectro.com/webinar — at 10 AM EDT (4 PM CEST).