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The ICP OES and XRF Spectrometer Line up from SPECTRO Offers Powerful Solutions for the Analysis of Soil

Application Briefs and White Paper

With the SPECTRO GENESIS, SPECTROGREEN and SPECTRO ARCOS ICP spectrometers, SPECTRO offers powerful solutions for the analysis of soil. ICP technology is described for the analysis of soils in numerous methods, standards, and regulations. The issues are not only the contamination of agricultural land with direct and indirect consequences for food and drinking water and, thus, for supplies for the entire population but also the analysis of nutrients for the efficient use of fertilizers. Here it is important to analyze both main and minor components as well as trace element contents. A large number of samples is the rule in this industry.
With short analysis times, low detection limits and a large dynamic range, ICP-OES offers the required performance. This technique is easy to automate, enables detection limits in sub-ppm ranges, a dynamic range over 9 orders of magnitude, and enables the automatic analysis of up to 1,000 samples per day.

The SPECTRO XEPOS is also suited to fast, comprehensive analyses of soil samples. Equipped with SPECTRO’s unique TurboQuant software, this especially powerful ED-XRF spectrometer is able to conduct screening analyses for the determination of all elements from Na to U in completely unknown samples.

In addition to the analysis of soil, the SPECTRO GENESISSPECTROGREEN and SPECTRO ARCOS and SPECTRO XEPOS are also suited to the determination of heavy metals and other elements in agricultural products.