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ICP-OES and X-Ray Fluorescence Instruments for the Elemental Analysis of Foodstuffs and Animal Feed

Application Briefs and White Paper

Regulations featuring ever-more-stringent maximums for levels of contaminants in foodstuffs continue to be issued in many areas around the globe. For instance, European Union law sets strict limits on the levels of heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, inorganic tin, and total mercury in food. Driven by this legislation, food producers and inspectors require better analytical techniques and lower detection limits for these elements of interest.

The traditional lab-based quality control elemental analysis method ICP-OES has been used successfully for years for the analysis of food and animal feed. With the SPECTRO ARCOS and the SPECTROGREEN, SPECTRO offers advanced analyzers even for very challenging food analyses. 

The high-end ED-XRF analyzer SPECTRO XEPOS is also well suited for analyses from trace levels to typical concentrations of nutritional elements. Recent developments also allow for conducting lab-quality food analyses right at the production line: The SPECTROSCOUT ED-XRF analyzer applies a new generation of high-resolution rapid screening technology to provide precise analytical results while avoiding substantial costs and delays to processing schedules.

SPECTRO, with its comprehensive range of ICP-OES and X-ray fluorescence spectrometers, offers optimum solutions for the elemental analysis of food and animal feed in the laboratory or at the production line.

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