Next-Generation Improvements Lead the Way for Ultra-Reliable Metals Analysis Performance


    • Unique iCAL 2.0 one sample standardization helps maintain the same standardization — regardless of most temperature shifts and saves on average 30 minutes per day
    • Up to 64% reduced argon consumption during standby, compared to previous models
    • Extended wavelength range for the ability to analyze hydrogen and oxygen (example: titanium base)
    • Ideal for routine analysis and precise analysis of all incoming/outgoing materials and for process control (including nitrogen) in foundries — covering 10 matrices, 68 methods and 56 elements
    From incoming materials to in-process testing to final inspection for outgoing quality, metal producing and fabricating plants demand advanced elemental analysis. For over a decade, one instrument has routinely delivered just that.

    Its record of reliability has helped make SPECTROMAXx perhaps the industry’s best-selling arc/spark optical emission spectrometry (OES) analyzer. Its fast, accurate, cost-effective measurements add essential certainty in critical supply chains worldwide.

    Like its predecessors, this ninth-generation SPECTROMAXx furnishes outstanding speed. Users get ultrafast information, and can react rapidly to changing process conditions. It also provides drastically reduced cost of ownership — with lower consumables plus advanced diagnostics and easy maintenance to increase availability and prevent expensive downtime.

    It features truly intuitive operation, with the use of toolbar buttons, a user management system, and a clear separation of operation from programming of the instrument. The measurement is controlled with clear symbols and toolbar buttons. Once a workflow has been started, only the functions that are logical at any point in time along the way are active in the control software – all other commands are hidden. With the new application profiles, customer specific information can be set before beginning operation, relieving laboratory technicians of administrative activities.

    The SPECTROMAXx arc/spark OES metal analyzer independently monitors all operating parameters. It dynamically determines the measurement time required based on the given sample properties and even shows when the spark stand needs to be cleaned depending on the type of samples being examined. The optional AMECARE machine-to-machine (M2M) support allows proactive alerts, backed up by direct connection with a remote SPECTRO service expert’s PC.

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    SPECTROMAXx LMX09 Schematics
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